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Black Ink on Steam
Black Ink on Steam

We are thrilled to announce that Black Ink is now available on Steam thanks to the votes of the Greenlight community!
Black Ink development is going on and you can keep track of the upcoming new features here.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Bleank Team



- 2013 / 09 / 08 - Product -
Back from Siggraph!
Back from Siggraph!

Bleank was at the Siggraph exhibition last July in Anaheim, California and was presenting Black Ink at its booth, including the most anticipated layer support.


We also participated in the first ever Exhibitor Fastforward with a 40 seconds presentation of Black Ink.


We’d like to thank all the people who visited our booth and shared their enthusiasm and great positive feedback.

The unique features of Black Ink have met with a great success during the live demonstrations we performed all though the event. Our new and fresh take on digital painting and creation was really appreciated by our public.

            Live drawings
Ben-o   Ben-o   Ben-o   Ben-o
U2|Bleank   Live-User-01   LiveUser-02   Bonnie|Bleank
            Full resolutions on our forum

Black Ink’s development is going on and tons of great new features and improvements are coming. We’re keeping track of every feedback our users are giving us on our forum and we’ll make sure to offer you the most unique and comfortable painting software!

Interested in Black Ink?

Don’t have a Black Ink license yet ?
Take advantage of our early adoption discount to get Black Ink now for only a fraction of its final price!





- 2013 / 08 / 02 - Company -
Black Ink at Siggraph 2013!
Black Ink at Siggraph 2013!

Our team will be at the Siggraph exhibit on the Cap Digital booth (335) this July in Anaheim, California.
We will collect your impressions, feedback and answer any questions.

Also, we will perform live demos of our latest Black Ink version everyday at 10:30 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.
We will be happy to welcome you at our booth and don’t forget to tell your friends!



- 2013 / 07 / 12 - Company -
New release of Black Ink with layers!
New release of Black Ink with layers!

Many of you have been asking and waiting for layer support in Black Ink and here they are!
You can grab the latest version right here and enjoy a whole new way to create with Black Ink.

Please note that this major update will come with an adjusted special beta price of 34€99, starting on august 1st.

And of course send us your feedback!




- 2013 / 07 / 12 - Product -
The new colors of Black Ink
The new colors of Black Ink

A new version of Black Ink is available here


Black Ink’s rendering engine has been improved and optimized and now features rich and beautiful 64 bits colors, while being even faster than before. You will notice the difference!

If you would like to know more about Black Ink, you can visit the new presentation page here.

* Please note that this major update will come with an adjusted special beta price of 24€99, starting on april 30th.


- 2013 / 04 / 25 - Product -

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