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Black Ink introduces its new feature: the controllers!

Black Ink is not an ordinary painting program on many aspects: its user interface, its performance on very big documents (10Kx10K) or its unique new brushes. But today it also can be called a generative art software thanks to the new controllers system.

 BlackInk-Feature: Controllers

Controllers are a whole new way to customize your brushes. You can assign behaviors in any parameter you want and make your brush act exactly as you like using a simple visual block-based system.

Want a simple pressure sensitive opacity? A speed driven size? Or make a completely new brush ? Creating your perfect tool is as simple as plugging a behavior block in the desired output.

But controllers also are a powerful and limitless tool thanks to a collection of simple mathematical functions. Mix values, experiment with rotations, scales and gradients and you will discover countless unique effects! These infinite possibilities are what makes Black Ink’s generative art a unique creation experience.

In the next major update a brush management tool will allow you to save, organize and share your brushes with other Black Ink users. You’ll just have to download someone’s shared creation to add a completely new tool to your collection.

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There is a free trial version of Black Ink on our website here. Black Ink's current beta price is 14.99€ (≈19 $).
This is a limited time offer, after Christmas and the release of our next feature, the brush manager, price will be adjusted to 24.99€ (≈32 $).


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