For more than five years now Bleank has been developing its own technology to meet the highest real time rendering standards. We give the greatest attention to detail to deliver the best quality possible on personal computers equipped with mid-range graphic cards. Our technology was developed with C++ in order to deliver the fastest and most confortable interactions.


In an effort to make art and technology work together we focus on offering the best results in image quality and interaction. Our technology evolves every day so that we are able to offer the greatest user experience with reliable and state-of-the-art software.

Our technology was entirely developped using C++ as we believe it is the language of excellence when you need the best performance / productivity ratio.
We developped an object-oriented architecture that can easily be improved whenever we need through the addition of independent components (plug-ins).
All these components still rely on the CORE module that provides the following C++ services :
  • Runtime Reflection of an object's parameters
  • A system capable of binding parameters across the module instances
  • Multi-threaded handling of low level tasks
  • Management of delegates and events (C#-like) between objects
  • Memory allocation schemes through "objects pools"
  • Operating System abstraction
  • Basic mathematical library


2D High Quality Rendering

From early 2010, we focused our efforts on 2D rendering to rival and even surpass the services offered by technologies such as Flash or HTML5. Our technology is thus capable of rendering any type of 2D anti-aliased primitive in a single pass without the use of temporary buffers. We are now able to smoothly render animated vector graphics without any feeling of stuttering as is usually the case with non-subpixel primitives rendering.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the features available in our 2D rendering engine :
  • Brushes (Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, Bitmap, ...)
  • Primitives (Sphere, Rectangle, Shape, Curves, Lines, ...)
  • Strokes
  • Filters
  • Specific font rendering system
  • Linear-space anti-aliasing
Linear Gradient Test polygon primitive test
Quadratic Shape test  
 2D rendering primitive test
User Interface
Our technology integrates a powerful user interface module containing a collection of objects and controls very similar to what the WPF API is providing like, for example, the panel classes (Grid, Stack, Dock, Canvas, ...) and controls like Sliders, ListBox, TextBox. Events propagate by following a dependency tree as well.
Here are a few features our GUI system is offering :
  •  Element state tracking that displays transitions between different states of an element via an animation. Very useful to move a button when the user clicks on it, for example.
  • Templating for full description of the rendering of each element.
  • Automatic interface generation from data through the use of "DataTemplates".
Dialog Button Template TabControl Template
Main Menu Template SolidColor Picker Template
Control templates samples


3D Rendering

A 3D engine based on DirectX11 specifications that uses the full extent of GPU capabilities.
The engine can interface with the DirectX9, DirectX10 or OpenGL APIs through a powerful and generic abstraction layer.
It is also entirely based on a system of customizable shaders.


Displacement Shader glass shader
brushed metal shader velvet shader

 shader samples



Lighting in a 3D scene is undoubtedly the most important element to create stunning impressions of realism. This is why we have developed several techniques to achieve realistic rendering, adapted to every type of scenes.


  • For static scenes we have integrated Spherical Harmonics rendering, a very useful technique that compresses radiance arriving at a point. This is a powerful way to obtain convincing light atmosphere.
  • For dynamic scenes, we have implemented Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination techniques.


Screen space ambient occlusion rendering test Screen space ambient occlusion rendering test

realtime rendering test with a simple scene



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