For more than five years now Bleank has been developing its own technology to meet the highest real time rendering standards. We give the greatest attention to detail to deliver the best quality possible on personal computers equipped with mid-range graphic cards. Our technology was developed with C++ in order to deliver the fastest and most confortable interactions.


In an effort to make art and technology work together we focus on offering the best results in image quality and interaction. Our technology evolves every day so that we are able to offer the greatest user experience with reliable and state-of-the-art software.

Post Process Effects
Our technology includes a complete post processing effects set. These effects enhance the picture by adding components such as : glow, glare, motion blur and so on.
This step is crucial to depict lighting, motion or depth of field effects.
Some features of our HDRI Tone Mapping system :
  • Glares / Streaks generations                                                                                                    
  • HDRI Tone mapping
  • Anti aliasing
  • Depth Peeling
  • Depth Of Field
Volumetric Effects


We created a volumetric rendering component during the development of our projects. It can render complex 3D effects such as smoke, clouds or shadows projected through participating media.
It can also voxelize any traditional 3D object and compute pure volumetric shapes from noise functions.
HDRI Cloud Mesh to Volume
Volumetric rendering settings HDRI Volumetric Cloud smoke
 volumetric rendering samples

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